Welcome to my hobbies! Well, a more truer statement would be to welcome you to my obsession! I love doing crafts of all kinds, with crochet and cross stitch being my favorites. My mother taught me how to crochet while I was still in grade school, and I've never stopped!

Within this site you will find pictures of some of the things I've made over the years. I didn't begin photographing my work until about 2 years ago, so I have nothing before then. I hope you will enjoy browsing through what I've made. It sure was enjoyable making them!

There are 4 ways of navigating through this site.

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To speed up on loading times...all of the pictures are thumbnails. If you see something that you want a close up of, just click the thumbnail and it will open up in a new window. Close the window when you're finished, to return to where you were.

On the crochet page you will find a free pattern.

The cross stitch page has a guide to 'speciality' stitches.

Check back for updates, I will add more as I complete projects.

Please email me any comments or suggestions (or sign my guestbook) ...I'd love to know what you're thinking!


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